Top 5 Singapore Frequent Flyer Programmes

Isn’t it great that nowadays we need only couple of hours to see our close ones, meet business partners, discover new places? And that’s all thanks to airplanes. Due to air carriers there are limitless possibilities for travelling around the globe. And we would like to tell you more about the best Singaporean air companies, their loyalty flyer programmes (known as frequent flyer miles) and some airlines promo deals.

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Let’s begin with Singapore Airlines - national air company that is top-rated and highly respected by the clients. Its loyalty programme is called KrisFlyer and is made of three levels: KrisFlyer, KrisFlyer Elite Silver and KrisFlyer Elite Gold. What’s amazing, you can earn reward miles not only when flying, but also while shopping or even using credit card to pay for different services. The more points you get - the closer you are for upgrading your flyer programme type. Singapore Airlines rewards are easy to exchange to get some extras during the flight as well as mix money and points to pay for air tickets. Above this, you are able to benefit from KrisFlyer promotions and save on car rentals & hotel booking.

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Jetstar is a famous low-cost company operating in Singapore. Apart of providing customers with cheap tickets, Jetstar has teamed up with some air carriers and companies to offer travellers a chance to earn loyalty points. What you need to do is book Jetstar's Plus, Business Max or Max bundles to start earning miles. Just don’t forget to pick thefrequent flyer programme and enter your membership number and you are done.

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AirAsia is a Malaysian low-cost company that was named the best in its segment 3 years in a row. Except really low fares (and special AirAsia codes) you can enjoy various perks when you sign up for the loyalty programme. Singaporeans can use AirAsia BIG loyalty programme to start earning BIG points. Get points every time you fly plus using services or buying from the AirAsia partners. Then simply redeem them to get massive discounts when you book a flight or stay at hotel. By the way, special redemptions are available as well. Want to learn more - go to special web-site fully dedicated to BIG Points -

singapore airlines rewards

And this is not all! Meet FlyScoot - the freshman among previous air-carriers. Not only the company surprises you with all-time low prices, but also prepared PlusPerks - a special bundle that helps you get extra savings and more. What we are interested in, is earning point, well you have a chance to do this. After the PlusPerks purchase you are eligible for earning KrisFlyer bonus points (yes, those from the Singapore Airlines). All the points you’ve earned with KrisFlyer may be easily turned into Scoot vouchers. Don’t be shy and use them to save on your next flight!

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Tigerair is familiar to all Singapore’s explorers for over 10 years. It is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and is a carrier that offers affordable travel fares. It’s loyalty programme is also redeemed via KrisFlyer and exchanged into Tigerair coupons. All clients are able to change point up to S$100 vouchers. It’s totally up to how you use them - for paying for your flight or for add-ons (like baggage, better seat etc.). What’s else these special vouchers may be combines with others. Bear in mind that you can use these benefits and fly to over 80 destinations with Tigerair!

All-in-all, we hope we showed you that using and finding Airlines Loyalty Programs is simple and, for sure, money-saving. The Singapore airline promotions included in the flyer programmes are undoubtedly helping each and every client pay less for flights, enjoy some extras and save on some airlines’ partners products and services. But if participating in loyalty programmes is not for you - ILoveBargain Singapore has prepared a lot of fresh deals for all those air companies and more of them. Check out their pages and start saving now!

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